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Questions you may have about music4worship

(Q) What is music4worship?
(A) We are one of the leading suppliers of musical instruments and music products to the church, worship, faith and Christian music markets.

(Q) How would you describe what music4worship does?
(A) We provide a high quality one-stop-shop for today’s worshipping church and musician who want to buy musical instruments and sound equipment.

(Q) Who do music4worship mainly supply?
(A) Our main market is to churches, chapels, house groups, church halls, and other places of worship

(Q) Do music4worship supply other organisations?
(A) Yes, we also supply to crematoriums, faith charities, religious associations and organisations; and faith conferences and worship festivals.

(Q) Do music4worship supply into education?
(A) Yes, we mainly supply church and faith schools; prison programmes, and education faith missions.

(Q) Do music4worship supply individuals?
(A) Yes, we mainly supply Christian musicians, music worship leaders, members of worship groups and to personal benefactors and philanthropists.

(Q) How long as music4worship been going?
(A) We were established in 2001

(Q) Who owns music4worship?
(A) music4worship is owned by David Wood and we are a part of his company ‘Promenade Music Limited’ who have “one of the largest and best stocked music shops in the North of England. Take a video tour of the shop.

(Q) Who do music4worship market to?
(A) Predominantly to Christian denominations including Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Congregational, Evangelical, Methodist, Pentecostal, Quaker, Presbyterian, Reformed, etc.

(Q) Does music4worship supply other faiths?
(A) Yes, we supply people who uses music in worship in any situation or setting from all the faiths that make up our diverse religious communities in the UK.

(Q) Does music4worship supply to all music worship styles?
(A) Yes, we support both traditional liturgical music and the modern contemporary worship music styles.

(Q) Is everyone who I will deal with at music4worship a Christian?
(A) No. In the same way we would never discriminate on the grounds of race, disability, age, sex or sexual orientation etc; we would never discriminate on the basis of religion or belief and ‘The Equality Act 2010’ states that it is unlawful do so.

(Q) Is there anything else we should know about music4worship.
(A) We provide a high quality service and a great range of products at competitive prices from all the industry leading brands; and we have an experienced sales team who offer a fantastic nationwide service.


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